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Body of Knowledge

Security of coding is an evolving subject. Most of the time discussion on security starts only after emerging of a threat or following an attack or compromise of a solution.

Our aim through the CodeCraft competition is to build a nation of software developers in Sri Lanka, who are proactive towards the security of the coding.

Hence, we are introducing the ‘Body of Knowledge’ on secure coding that will be useful for candidates who are participating in the CodeCraft Competition.

We will be updating this page more often and hence, please take your time to study the material that are posted in the ‘Body of Knowledge’ Section.



No. This competition is free of charge, but the seats are allocated on a first come first registered basis.

We test participants’ domain knowledge of secure coding and their ability to develop secure programs. The competition will test the general knowledge and will not be assessing the specialized components of technologies.

Employed category

If you are employed, you need to check whether your company is a member of Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM).

For SLASSCOM Companies:

SLASSCOM is an endorsing partner of the competition and hence, there is a specific allocation of competition seats for SLASSCOM companies. We directly deal with the HR Department of the company for registrations. Hence, if you are employed in a SLASSCOM member company, you need to contact the relevant person at the HR Department of the company to register for the competition.

For non-SLASSCOM companies:

There is a limited allocation of seats for companies that are non-members of SLASSCOM. If you are interested in registering, you need to link us with your HR team to allocate seats for you. This is on first come first allocated basis.

University student category

Each university including leading private education institutes/campuses are allocated limited seats on a pro rata basis. The basis was proportionate allocation was done to accommodate all universities and/or departments of universities and private institutions that offer software development related degree programs. Hence, you need to contact your Department Head or the CodeCraft Coordinator appointed by your Department Head to register yourself for the competition.

The competition will be based on three levels/phases.

Phase One: all candidates will sit for a 60-minute multiple choice online test.

Phase Two: Ten percent of the highest performing candidates from the Phase one will be selected to the phase two competition. They will sit for a 60-minute multiple choice online test.

Grand Finale: Ten percent of the highest performing candidates from the Phase Two will be selected to the phase three (Grand Finale) of the competition. They will sit for a 90-minute test that includes multiple choice online test and scenario-based questions.

The first three winners of both the employed and university student category will receive exclusive prizes worth over Rupees One Million. The grand finale winner of the two categories will have the opportunity to spend a week at a top global university abroad studying latest trends in cyber security in relation to software development and robotics.